Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,


things are kinda crazy right now with tech and all. and you know me, i gotta get myself into 50 other holes along with tech just to make it that more memorable right? sometimes i really wonder what the hell im thinking, maybe thats the problem. School is going well though, almost done though. The only other problem im having is how to write an 8 page paper on a play that I havent seen. I'll manage but why do I gotta make things harder for myself?

its raining out and i kinda love that, cept im not carefree like i wish, so i cant just go stand in the rain

what should I do? im torn..... i wish i knew what you were thinking.........

place your hand in mine
i'll leave when i wanna

hope your doing alright...
honestly, i am here...
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