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Where do you go? [24 Apr 2008|01:37am]
So it has been awhile, thats like what everyone is saying......
End of the year, everything is crazy right now...but kind of settled.
I only have one more exam left, and it's a project. I dont know how Im going to finish it by Monday but Ill manage. I need to go to the secretary of state too....dont know when ill find time....

Things are really confusing lately...
what do I want to do, where do I want to go...seems i've got caught up in everything else
i mean know what i want ...where i want to go... and where I want to live...
but your holding me back...why dont you realize...grow up
but then what am i talking about...look what im doing...horrible
why should not follow my emotions... i know its wrong
but i actually feel happy...

been thinking alot lately....
i miss you...well the old you....what happened...
i feel like its all my fault...
and i feel like theres nothing i can do....
im helpless

i should probably talk to you, but your the fucking adult in this situation... im not the one who needs to grow some fuckin balls....you are... you cant even stand alone
what a role model....
guess thats where i learned it
im done with this for now

Just open your eyes... and see that life is beautiful


crazy [11 Apr 2008|01:51am]
things are kinda crazy right now with tech and all. and you know me, i gotta get myself into 50 other holes along with tech just to make it that more memorable right? sometimes i really wonder what the hell im thinking, maybe thats the problem. School is going well though, almost done though. The only other problem im having is how to write an 8 page paper on a play that I havent seen. I'll manage but why do I gotta make things harder for myself?

its raining out and i kinda love that, cept im not carefree like i wish, so i cant just go stand in the rain

what should I do? im torn..... i wish i knew what you were thinking.........

place your hand in mine
i'll leave when i wanna

hope your doing alright...
honestly, i am here...


blah [26 Mar 2008|11:58am]
blah blah bla bla bla blah blah blah.........
thats all you read anyways

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Wow [28 Feb 2008|09:41pm]
So things are crazy the director finially came in from New York and she is sucking my life away from me. Every time we talk I feel my veins start to twinge. But sound will be awsome for it!!!!

Dance concert is all wound up. Been going to rehersals, I love the dancers. They are easrier to work with most of the time than actors. They actually can have a sense of humour. But man do they eat a whole lot. I wish.
Doing lighting for the show, my biggest design in my life, cept maybe the musical. Which next years musical will be even crazier.
And dance is just fun because it is different than theatre sometimes.

Got a ton of work I should be doing, tye dyed in costuming today.
College classes and I am tye dying...mind you there is some difficulty when it comes to fabric type and dye mixture, it can actaully become like chemistry, but I think our teacher just likes to have fun she bought 40 scarfs for a 10 person class to dye, plus we all had t shirts and crap. Fun.

I actaully been watching one tree hill this season, but it is pissing me of so much. Though they brought a character back that hasn't been on in a long time. It kinda made me sad. "No one ever stays in touch anymore" You would think with the technology today, phones, email, texting we could al just stay in touch. Kinda blows my mind. But lately things have been, like the orange moon. It blows my mind, and I appreciate that.

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Am I Tired? [05 Jan 2008|03:09am]
Getting my teeth out over my break has left me out of it but it was the only time I had. So I have spent most of my time watching lots of movies and shows that I have wanted to see in so long and have not gotten a chance to see. This Christmas was different for me I would not call it bad but it was weird. Christmas has been weird since my parents split, family has died and people have moved but in general my family has tried to see each other and keep everything together but these past years with many family member getting older and even the kids getting older it seems as if it is harder or people dont care. Well I care, I miss being little and having both sides of my family together on christmas eve. Things change.

New years eve.
I have been dealing with thi whole new years eve thing for many years.
What is the point? I mean it seems like another day to me, im not a year older. Its not like the day has any special meaning or reference to a moment in my life, like a birthday or something. But this years new years eve wasnt bad, the snow was awsome. I was a little out of it because of the medication for my teeth but I did get to talk to some people that I really care about and for the first time in a long tim felt close to a group of people that really hasn't happened since high school. Maybe I have been afraid to let go, move on, make it the past. I don't. But its working now, I guess I will just keep going and what happens happens. There really seems to be nothing I can do.

I finially got an Ipod that can hold all of my music and I love it. I find myself listening to music I have not listened to in forever. I love music. I find it weird how I can listen to a song that I have not listened to in at least 3 years and still have memories of that song. Relate a song to a person , to many people, to many fun times and I am glad I can to that I am glad music can do that for me.

I dont look at it as moving on because I dont think I am packing anything up and storing it in boxes and forgetting about it. Just going day by day, thats all I can do. And even though there are people I think about all the time that I do not see or talk to all the time or even talk to , who maybe never think about me there is nothing I can do. I care. Maybe sometime soon, or sometime a little later they will play a different role in my life than they are playing right now. Even if they don't I'll still think and care and remember.

Should I do more? Can I do more?
Sometime I don't think I did enough, but did you? There are things I wish I could apologize for. If I did now would I look like some crazy person who doesnt forget things and just needs to make that the past.
Is that why your not around anymore?
I am sorry.

I walked into the rec room at my dads and most of the pictures and posters were down and in a pile.

What went right/What went wrong/Doesn't really matter much/When it's gone
Was it too hard to try/Was it too hard to lie/Did you just grow tired of hello and goodbye/Was it the naked truth that made you run/Where do I go now/That I'm down to one
Sooner or later/We all end up walking alone/I'm down to one/My heart is a traitor/It led me/down this road/Now it's done/I'm down to one
I want to know where I failed/I want to know where I sinned/Cause I don't want to ever feel this way again/Was the wanting too deep/Did it block your sun/Where do I go now/That I'm down to one
What am I supposed to think/What am I gonna say/What did I ever know/About this love anyway

Oh Melissa

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FINIALLY DONE [18 Dec 2007|12:41pm]
SO our musical is done for the year, and it is a huge stress off my back. The show went well as a whole, cept for a drummer not showing up here and a mic breaking there. Yes we went through 3 mics for this show and of all our damn mics to go, a brown and a black which left me with one black and 3 brown, and about 20 tan. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN A SHOW TITLED BLACK NATIVITY. yes there were about 8 white people and 20 black people, somehow the whole color of mics is not working out, well it all worked out in the end. Our kick ass new sound system compliments of Disney World is awsome, and although our daily warms ups were not to Tunak Tunak Tun, Souja Boy was pretty awsome, especially watching all the actors bwhaahah. Sound pisses me off though so I am ranting about it, I love it and hate it, there is not consistancy in live sound, it blows especially in a big city with lots of fruequencies in the air and an old builing thats power supply is not properly grounded and the lighting and sound power sources are the same, can you say horrible hunm in the system yeah it blows, some nights its good and others you want to shoot yourself or just go deaf, either way.

Sunday I have to drive down to wayne in the morning and the express ways were full of snow, it was basically make your own lane and try to stay in it and well have fun. Christmas is almost here, what the hell where did it come from, I do have about 3/4 of my shopping done but man what the hell.

On an awsome and fuinal note, my $750 dollar check from the dance/theatre departments arrived and I have money I like the fact that I can make about 3,000 a semester just by having fun in the theatre, well and working and not getting sleep and basically living there but hey it still beats retail and fast food, sometimes it doesnt even feel like im in school because I am actually learning stuff I want to learn, untill I have to go attend my gen ed classes, but ive got it figuered out, take huge lecture classes so you dont have to attend get an a in it and have fun! I know thats is a really bad technique, but it works doesnt it?


On a good note? [10 Nov 2007|01:09am]
dropped my phone in a puddle, it sill works.
gas is 3.25... my car needs an oil change and is guzzeling gas
i get paid on wed. finially because this paycheck has the 150 they forgot to put on my last one.
Life is a loose loose situation lately. Just smile and it seems to be alright.

What do you do when you are the only one who can answer a question but really you think you already know the answer, you just don't want to hear it. But then maybe you don't even know the answer.

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Fuck Homework. [21 Oct 2007|11:00pm]
I I should be doing homework and sleeping, but I am not, tech week is kicking my butt, really it is taking away my motivation.
The Lusty and Comical History of Tom Jones and Hatful of Rain, two tech weeks in the same week? Impossible but it is happening.
And Black Nativity our musical and the dance concert are coming up up very fast. Final floor plans and costumes for Black were due two weeks ago and things are changing everyday, the director (an original choerographer for RENT) added 11 members to the cast without anyone knowing, so my sound board has the capability to hold 10mics, we have a 40 member cast...hmmmmmmm I suck at math but I am not seeing this working in a good way for me, the Awsome yamaha M7 digital counsole (look it up its awsome)we rented last year took us months of talking to get, this show opens mid december. BLLLLAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My wrist is killing me again, I will have to have surgery on it again, this blows, I have no time, and especially no time to not have a left hand.

I was going to put on a good note here but there really isn't anything.
I miss somethings, and some people.

It's funny how you can not talk to a someone in a long time, but yet something you do, say or see reminds you of them everyday. What does that mean? It happens to me all the time, I just have no time to call the people. I hate that, why can't it be like it used to be. I don't know, I go through this all the time and I hate it. I feel like everyone else has changed and I am still the same. I dont know why, am I really still the same?

I want to move out, move to Detroit, something different, so I dont have to keep looking at the same shit around my room, my town, I think thats what keeps me locked down, i'd still think about everyone though, its a loose loose situation.

Was it my fault, is it because we are different? Are we so diffeerent, thats what everyone else says, but do you really know me, what i think, what i actually feel, what about what i was thinking, what were you thinking, maybe if i said something, you said something, would right now be different, would last year have been different 3 years ago, would that have been then end, was i making up things. what happened to us?

So I do have a good note. Sweeney Todd, the musicalish, tim burtons verson comes out in December, im stoaked.

Fall is the worst, or is spring. I love winter.
I miss you

Its weird i was thinking about so many things and people in this entry i dont even know what i meant to say. i guess i just needed to vent again and i dont like to vent to people, who would listen.

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Scary! [16 Sep 2007|10:23pm]
Just got home from the movies, saw Halloween. Wasn't expecting it to be scary but I was pretty freaked out. Damn little kids being messed up.

on another not, school started. I don't know why everyone I know was so excited to go back to school. I am so done with school, and it is only like the second week. Wayne fucked up the parking, I hate detroit. On a good note I got into the BFA program and I am now getting paid to work 20 hours a week on the theatre's electrics crew. We have 10 moving lights this year, amazing fun. I am designing sound for this years musical, I am so freaked out about that. Hopefully some of you will be able to come and I dont suck the show up.

Is anyone else loving this weather? I am I can't wait to go to the Ren Fest this weekend, and the apple orchard soon. Bon fires, and crunching leaves. Apple cider, and then snow. Maybe I will get my first college snow day? Who knows? But with all this stuff to look forward to I still miss a ton of things and people. Where is everyone?
What happened?


eh [07 Aug 2007|02:14pm]
Went to cedar point yesterday and everything was fun untill we got back to the car and it had been broken into. The thing I feel worse about is the only thing that was really of vaule that was taken was sara's ipod. those sandusky bastards. supposedly the cop said this has been happening alot and basically the only thing that has been taken is ipods. And what does apple do about the hundreds of stolen ipods, (thats like one days worth) nothing. The fuckin bastards dont use the technology they have because the say the 110 million ipod database would be too large. Bastards. You can make the money off the stuff though. If the used the technology people would stop steeling the ipods as much because they would be caught, and their ipod would be useless. They could even charge people or put in their apple care program, they would then make money too. Lets see what they do. But guess what, supposedly apple just got a pattent on something like that. WOW they are geniuses i swear.


energy [05 Aug 2007|02:44pm]
worked 40 hours last week. it was lame. but it means money, of which I need. It seems like everyone is looking forward to going back to school but me. I hate school. It is not bad when I am there and I enjoy it very much but I don't know. I also enjoy not being there. Went to a family reunion yesterday, lame like usual. Jennifers wedding is in less than 3 weeks, it is crazy all the crap we have to do. Like tie crystals to fishing wire, shoot me now.
I want coffee... and am bored and tired and it is only 3 in the afternoon. Please get home soon.


I should be sleeping [25 Jul 2007|01:09am]
it is like 1 and I have to be up at 7:30. I can't sleep, this is lame. I got sunburned pretty bad on sunday and I am still feeling it, even more lame. Man I hate work, who invented it? Well not really who invented it but I mean come on. I can't believe there are actually people out there who love to work. I could not even imagine wanting to work everyday. I am jealous.
Things have been ok. Kinda boring in a way but whatever, it beats being at school all day everyday. I dread going back but once I am there I don't mind it at all I like it and somedays I love it. I just hate gen ed classes. Why did I take 12 years of school before I came to college, just to take half of the same fuckin classes over again. I makes no sense to me.

Does anyone want to go in on group flowers for mr.zogas. I figured we could do an arrangment from some of the last students he taught at dear old fraser. Let me know asap. And if anyone else you know might want to.


times how they change [05 Jul 2007|12:17pm]
Well it is sometime in July, it is too early for me too be awake but I can not sleep. Yes it is noon but still. The Reel Big Fish concert if tonight, that shall be fun theres a whole van load of us going. Cedar Point on Monday, maybe it was supposed to be but now we dont know. Cant we just make definate plans anymore, seems not. Matt just got back from a funeral in WI, and he has to work and make up all his days, meanwhile the flowershop is closed untill Monday, for the 4th. Lame. Not that I don't mind the days off.

I want to go on a vacation.
I NEED Coffee right now.

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Too Long [18 Jun 2007|10:42pm]
It has been forever since I updated on here, actaully it has been forever since I have been online. I have been sick this break like too many times and it sucks. This break is going by way too fast and I have done like nothing. Jennifer's wedding is coming up very fast. Weddings are crazy things, they will make you go crazy. Go up to Jennifers this weekend. Working all week, not fun. It is too hot do not like working in this heat.
I am bored.........
I want to go ride roller coasters.....
I need Coffee..........

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INTO THE WOODS [19 Apr 2007|12:40am]

April 20,21,27,28 @8
or April 22,29 @2

There is Pyro and Levitation, and ramps and all this crazyness.
And me!

So my life consists of Into the Woods right now, and school. I have to make a portfolio for my BFA Auditions, I can't believe I am going to be a Junior next year, it's seems like last month I was a Junior in High School. Well anyways I am sick of getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night so I am going to hit the sack and start all over again tomorrow.

Why does sound always seem to get shit on?

Agony, Misery, It cuts like a knife!!!
Into the Woods it's time to go!

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no time [09 Apr 2007|11:22pm]
[ mood | Been Better ]

so i have had like no time. but if you feel bored and want to see the one thing i am excited about this week look up a consoul by yamaha it is in the M7 series like m7cl? the 48... well we got one and it is awsome, tricky, but awsome.

On a worse note, things are falling apart. I want to hold them together. I do not want to see anymore change I m so fucking sick of everyone and everything changing. I am sick of getting upset and crying and always thinking about it. What can I do. I am only one person. Against a group I am nothing. I am too weak, not too weak I just care to much. I care/cared to much about everyone and they all stoped caring. It hurts I am sick of it. But still it's all I think about. What can I do, what can I say, Who the fuck can I talk to anymore. I need a break and I am getting it even though it is coming during the worst hell weeks of the year. The musical, at least I get to stay at a house by myself. A break. It really confuses me when I am being told I am like a mediator, i help solve problems. Why can't I solve this one? Why do I not know what to say. Why do I just fall apart when I think about it. It just hurts so more, more than I ever thought it would. but than I never thought it would come this far. Can I even handle being there. heck i cant even think about it for a while without getting upset. Caring to much. I am sick of caring but i cant stop. I still think about you and you and you. And why? Do you even think about me? The good times? maybe they weren't the good times for you, you were just holding out untill someone better came along. Stupid me for caring right. Stupid me for letting you in. Helping you. Caring about you. Wanting to spend time with you. Giving you rides. Letting you sleep in my house. Letting you sleep in my bed. Spending money on you. Waisting my gas on you. ALL OF YOU! Stupid Me for not being able to let go of the past and ralize what once was can never be again because that was the past. There will never be the fun, the absurdness, the laughs, the fights, the groups. That was then this is now. I let you in, how come you never let me in. Was it all a lie. I should be tough and never let anyone, obviously that works. It worked for you and you. There is nothing I can do except let it all build up inside untill I can't take it anymore and I am holding back tears when the littlest bad thing happens. Like overdrawing your account but quite a few dollars and then everything else that has been going wrong just flows out and there is no stopping it and you need to let things out but there is no one there, they all left, or maybe you drew them off, forced them away, or maybe they left because you were not enough, you were not good enough, you were not like them, you were not one of them, but how the hell do they know because did they ever really take time enough to look and you and get to know you and know the truth, or did they just skim the edges look at the outside and make their decisions like most do and just move on. Well now they are just to busy they have lives, they have things to do, better people to see, better friends than i could ever be. Just better people, better things, better lives. Better days. Does it ever get better than this? when? How? How much longer do I have to wait, what do I have to do. Do I have to give in, do I have to change, do i have to do things I do not want to do. What did I do wrong? Did I do somthing wrong, or maybe I said somethings. If you wanted me to be there why did you say something. I never felt needed but then I hear that I was needed, why couldnt you say so? Why do you have to follow the crowd, do what others do? Listen to what others say. Why are you afraid to say what you think in front of the others. You should not be afraid to be yourself around people who are suposed to be your friends, people who are supposed to care about you. But I think I have the whole meaning of friend wrong.

What is a friend? Were you ever a friend? Did you ever care? I guess I put too much importance on the word. Is there such a thing as forever. I am not sure it can last that long. But maybe i don't even know what the word truely means, i don't even know the truth behind it all. It is all lies and secrets and I dont even know.

I should ask you and you and well all of you, but I would not even know what to say, what to ask. What would I do, wold you even listen. You would probbly laugh, or not talk, or not even answer. Or worse not even care.

Why do I care so much.
When can I just let it all go.

When will all the memories fade into the distance like when I was 5, I can't hold on to all this anymore

it is to heavy.
In............................. say?


When does it end? [27 Mar 2007|11:21pm]
This weather has been nice yes, but can't it be spring weather not like summer weather. We are all dying at work. I mean it could be all the lead they were removing yesterday or maybe the asbestos but no. It's the heat. On a better note at work today we took our break on the roof of the Bonstelle. I have never seen Detroit look that pretty. You could see everywhere, it was nice and it was nice being outside rather that 70feet up with only some metal below you on the grid.

I am so glad to be working again though, not being able to sucked for a while. even if for most of it i was getting paid.

Now I must go to bed....................because i am pooped!


Oh the Hilberry [22 Mar 2007|11:34pm]
I just got home from running the board at the Hilberry, Im exhausted, oh those grad students, crazy I tell you.
Well Into the woods is coming along even though we probably won't get the exact new board we wanted, whats wrong 96k? But we do have all are new bodypacks and everything. We start hanging and circuiting on MONDAY!! IM excited, even though there are still like 3 weeks untill tech, but with all the things we have to do, i think it will be here soon.

It's weird the other day I was talking to sara because she was going through theatre pictures to do something and she had the ole theatre handbook from high school and we were remanising(how the fuck do you spell that?) Going from high school theatre to college theatre is SO different, and I miss the old times. But I guess these times can be pretty good too. I just wish I would have been able to learn more in high school about theatre. Nothing could have prepared me for 5 hell weeks plus school work, work and life. But I am enjoying it.
Now that I have completly waisted time from homework and sleep i should get back.

Blue Man Group on Saturday, Im excited, though I don't think it will top New York.

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Where does this time go... [17 Mar 2007|12:19am]
Spring Break is almost over and I feel as if I have accomplished nothing. I still have a paper to write, tons of drafting to do, and some other crap. I mean I did see many movies, watch a whole season of QAF, and some other mindless things but I really was limited to what I could do. And I saw an Amzaing show with an awsome person because she got us awsome seats. Rent & Amanda that is.
Did I mention they took my stiches out too early, this is starting to get annoying. Damn doctors and their damn helping people! I looked at the statment they gave me and I remembered why I am going to school.... so I have insurance, one visit to that stupid specialist so they could mess up and take my stiches out early, 600 dollars. What a rip. I wish I were smart. Or werent so lazy, either way I am going to school for the wrong thing.
This weather is getting annoying.
Happy St.Patricks Day!!!!!!
At least I have only a month and a half or so of school left, and Into The Woods to look forward too.

This summer, no russia, hopefully working at the theatre and the flower shop, if our request for stuff at the theatre gets a go ahead. Still living at home? Probably, wait, Yes, do I want to, of course not. I want to feel free, not have to worry about calling, not have to worry about going home, not have to deal with junk. I guess I will have to wait a few more summers. At least I can get a banana cream flurry from dairy maid right?

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Junk..... sorry i just need to let go of some things... [28 Feb 2007|11:30pm]
I finially got done with my drafting homework, eh. Talked with my mom, started out nice, ended not so nice. Why is it she has to constantly remind me of the things that are not perfect in my life. She says she is trying to help, bull shit. Like I don't worry about the hundreds of dollars I owe for school, everday. Then she says I don't work, which is bull because I work every Saturday at the Flower Shop and Monday thru Friday at the Theatre, and when we have days off at the Theatre I am Still getting paid. And hey even when I have a day off, like today I still go to the flower shop and work. It just frustrates me, I mean when the money I owe for school could be paid if my parents just gave me the money they both owe me, maybe I could be saving money to pay for other things, like maybe a lunch at school. Gosh don't lecture me on the problems I have, I know I have them. It's just me here. Trying to do good in school and pay for things and get by. What happened to having fun. I never wanted to grow up. I never wanted to leave high school, and now im almost done with my sophomore year of college. But I guess that doesn't matter, that I am actaully going to school, and working, and not getting in trouble. You can still yell at me because I don't do anything around the house or for you. Like when I leave a bowl on the counter instead of putting it in the dishwasher, Im sorry I didn't even think about it. But it is like the end of the world, and I and horrible for it right? Im home just as much as you but I am expected to do more? If people didn't owe me money, maybe I would be able to not live at home, and be living in the apartment that was offered to me this year? Sometimes it feels as if I will never leave here, I mean yeah I have it good, I don't pay house bills and all that junk, but it has gotten to the point of i just dont want to hear anyone complain anymore. I want to be able to go to school and work, come home do my homework and just relax, not get yelled at because I didn't take the garbage out, or I didn't wash the dishes. It is getting old. Maybe then I would feel like i was going somewhere, not like I was left behind and everyone has moved on and grown up. I hate that feeling, and well its how I feel. Why haven't I moved on, why don't I do other things, go other places. I feel out of it either way I look at it. At home, my friends have moved on, they have other friends they have other lives they do other things. At school, they all live down there so they get to see each other much more and I have to commute so it is hard to hang out and do things. I am really just ranting and I know life is not fair. I know I could have it much harder, but this right here right now is hard on me and I am just venting. Sometimes I wish I didn't keep everything in and I could just say it because there is more I could vent about but I can't. So I won't.....What did I do? Is there something wrong? Where did it go wrong, what exactly went wrong with everything? Did it go wrong? Gosh these are questions I ask all the time in rekation to alot of things and I just don't know. I mean I don't regret anyhting I have done, should I do more? Did I not do enough. I think it all comes back to the word CHANGE, that stupid word that I really have a problem with. I think we all have problems with change and well what can we do but deal, try and make the best of it and keep going, but am I the only one who noticed the change? Am I the only one who cares about the change? Why has everyone moved on but I am still sitting here questioning things. Why, Why can't I getover it. Maybe no one else really cared and they are fine where they are and I am just well here. nowhere. Lost. Confused. Tired.......
Why do I care so much, why do I let myself care so much about everyone and everything to the point where I can't let it go, this past week and weekend I have been asking that alot and well it is just frustrating........

the rest i'll just lock up and hide away.......

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Tired [26 Feb 2007|11:48pm]
It is late and I should be sleeping. I have midterms to study for and work, which working at the theatre has now begun to consume even more of my life.... it sucks that Justine and Adrienne are not there because I am now the only girl, but it's all right we just pick on bobby, he's short. I need to pay my school off, well first I need the money to do that. Then I am going to get my ears pierced again, I don't know how...but i will think

Things have been kind of crappy lately. I just want to go sit in a corner, drink coffee, and write the gosh darn papers I need to write, in less than a week.

The red wings traded Jason Williams, that also upsets my week, so much for being my second favorite Red Wing.....

I am so glad I get to draw in color this semester, no more drawing 1 and 2. Now if only i would do my daily drawings and not forget about them.

And then there is the whole being at the hospital for more than an hour, me, I have never even needed one stitch... I can't do this, this will be horrible. Since I'll be out, maybe the will update my shots for me.


We won [05 Feb 2007|11:36pm]
Well the red wings won, but it took me longer to do my scene design homework because of it. Fuck exacto knives. I beat myself up at work today, I have cuts and a thumb that is not working properly which made the cutting with an exacto knife even better.
I have more homework to do and I have to read Agamemnon by tomorrow, won't happen but I should still get off of this thing.


Tired [03 Feb 2007|12:50am]
-Well I only had one class, and it was just a group meeting.
-Went to the light lab and finished my lighting project.. well kinda, but I'm not fully happy with it so I need to change some things on it.
-Worked (babysat) at the theatre tonight... why we call it babysitting I have no clue... all we do as electric crew members is sit in a room and do whatever, so if anything does go wrong we can do something... what a way to spend your friday night right? Well I got out and now im at home writing this thing because I can't sleep even though I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow.
-I hate the feeling you get when you know you have made a mistake. I should have taken the 20 hours... now I just have to deal with it and be poorer.. hopefully I will still get the extra 5.... on a related note....900 by march...i know its impossible.... just if my parents would give me the stuff the owe me... that'll be the day
-I want some garden veggie soup from Blimpie....it is sehr gut!

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Ohhhh [30 Jan 2007|07:42pm]
Well I am at tech... my neck hurts like hell....
Went on a feild trip today for my scence design class, we went to a Frank Llyod Wright House, called the Turkel house. I want to live there, only it is being remodeled and it will cost mucho bucks...

I got my surgery date set up.... I am scared, I have never been in the hospital even if it only for a few hours.... damn my wrist....

Anyone free on Thursday??? Wannna hang out?? Go see a show?


Awsome [27 Jan 2007|11:55pm]
Tech went very well... I hope you will all come see it... anyone?
Oh well....
My wrist fuckin hurts.....
On opening night we are all dressing like cowboys and cowgirls it shall be fun...

I want to go to Russia, with our study abroad program, it's only for a month, it costs a pretty penny but is still a really good deal, and well I will be taught from some amazing artisits....

I love the cold weather, now if it would only snow MORE

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Umm [25 Jan 2007|09:28pm]

So I guess I am just updating because I am very bored.  I am also freezing because this basement is like 58 degrees but I won't go into that.  I go into tech this weekend (Jan. 27th) and well I have some sound cues I should be editing but the computer is not liking me and while I am sick of doing it.  Damn Lobby Hero, though I actually love the show, and the script.  I also have pages of notes from my classical civilization class in front of me that I should be studying, do to the fact that I have a huge test next week on it.  Well, I guess I would rather take my time on them and wait untill the last minute.

 "Do not put off your work untill tomorrow or the next day, for the man who works sluggishly does not fill his granary, nor the man who puts off his tasks" -Hesiod

It's a good thing I'm a woman not a man, right? Well I have not been able to work at the theatre all this week, but I still get to get paid, awsome, right? Well not really because I am hurt.  Well not hurt, but my wrist kills, I have a huge lump that my doctor is 98% sure is some kind of cyst.  I get to miss class on monday to go to the surgeon doctor guy to have him tell me what we are going to do. Probably, cut the damn thing out.  Which sucks because they will have to cut my wrist and I will not be able to move it very much and I won't be able to do much at work.  Or I could just skip the surgery and deal with the pain and have it grow.  This sucks.

On a better note I am not really worried about my Classics Exam because this one is on the Odyssey, The Iliad and some Hesiod.  Thanks to Mrs. Roari I should be fine.  I love the class though my teacher reminds me of Proffesor Trewlany from Harry Potter, she talks like she is scared and going to cry.  Murphy and I think she need to lay of the fricken coffee though.


Thats enough my hand are frozen!


Sleep [28 Nov 2006|12:28pm]

I have come to dislike Thanksgiving break because although it gives me a time to relax, I do not want to go back to school for the 11 days that I have left, it is like torture sitting through class sometimes.  I have been working alot because it is Thanksgiving and the Holiday time. Decorating food places and all that jazz. I go to see Rachel for a while and that was cool. I miss her. I miss my friends.

I go into tech for Christmas Carol this Saturday. At least it should be intertaining. I hope if your taking the time to read this then maybe you'll take the time to come see it?

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Today is official I hate school day.. [14 Nov 2006|01:16pm]

I have to be at school tonigh for our first rehersal of Lobby Hero, which sucks because the Red Wings play tonight and they are on a winning streak and I always watch them unless school gets in the way and tonight it does.  So I say it again, I hate school. 
I have to find over an hour of Christmas music for Christmas Carol, which should be fun, Katie is even making me slip in an Nsync one and maybe a Clay Aiken, we'll see. 
Work call yesterday was fun we got to go into the dome and work with the asbestos(sp?) and the beams where if you stepped off you would put a hole in the house (bad idea). We even found an old can of milk based paint up there. Ewww, I miss it though. 
I got a $700 check back from Wayne State and I get my paycheck tomorrow, so FUCK YOU wayne state for having to give me money.  ummm lets see Im glad the Holidays are coming up because I get to work extra at the flower shop which in turn means more headaches and more money, if only school didn't get in the way then I could work more, I hate school.  
Especially American Government it is a waste of my fucking time I have already learned everthing in the class. People get 20/100 on their tests and I get a 107/100, it would have been a 111/100 if only I had gone to class those 2 times, but I can't bring myself to because I do not learn anything so I would just rather get the points taken off.  So once again I hate school.

I guess I will just end with I hate school.
Even though I love it in some weird way.

And now my long and ever pondering question untill January because I have to turn in the papers by then...
Do I want to be in the B.F.A program or just the B.A? Which I guess is just a question of laziness.... man....


Life [30 Oct 2006|03:31pm]
Well yeah I went and saw Nightmare before christmas in 3d it was cool.
Opening night of the show went good, note that I am not fixing anything on a monday when I should be at work call, I like having a day off though I have two papers due this week and an exam, but who cares, this is my day off, right?
I want to go see saw 3. It looks pretty good.
I want a new bed.

So this week made me realize some things, most that I already knew, but who cares anyways, right?


Fuck Hell Week [19 Oct 2006|07:33pm]
Well, tech week starts Saturday. Fuck that shit. Oh well I guess it will be alright though, just tiring.
Well I am done thats really all, I just wanted to rant about that!

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