Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,

Today is official I hate school day..

I have to be at school tonigh for our first rehersal of Lobby Hero, which sucks because the Red Wings play tonight and they are on a winning streak and I always watch them unless school gets in the way and tonight it does.  So I say it again, I hate school. 
I have to find over an hour of Christmas music for Christmas Carol, which should be fun, Katie is even making me slip in an Nsync one and maybe a Clay Aiken, we'll see. 
Work call yesterday was fun we got to go into the dome and work with the asbestos(sp?) and the beams where if you stepped off you would put a hole in the house (bad idea). We even found an old can of milk based paint up there. Ewww, I miss it though. 
I got a $700 check back from Wayne State and I get my paycheck tomorrow, so FUCK YOU wayne state for having to give me money.  ummm lets see Im glad the Holidays are coming up because I get to work extra at the flower shop which in turn means more headaches and more money, if only school didn't get in the way then I could work more, I hate school.  
Especially American Government it is a waste of my fucking time I have already learned everthing in the class. People get 20/100 on their tests and I get a 107/100, it would have been a 111/100 if only I had gone to class those 2 times, but I can't bring myself to because I do not learn anything so I would just rather get the points taken off.  So once again I hate school.

I guess I will just end with I hate school.
Even though I love it in some weird way.

And now my long and ever pondering question untill January because I have to turn in the papers by then...
Do I want to be in the B.F.A program or just the B.A? Which I guess is just a question of laziness.... man....

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