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So I guess I am just updating because I am very bored.  I am also freezing because this basement is like 58 degrees but I won't go into that.  I go into tech this weekend (Jan. 27th) and well I have some sound cues I should be editing but the computer is not liking me and while I am sick of doing it.  Damn Lobby Hero, though I actually love the show, and the script.  I also have pages of notes from my classical civilization class in front of me that I should be studying, do to the fact that I have a huge test next week on it.  Well, I guess I would rather take my time on them and wait untill the last minute.

 "Do not put off your work untill tomorrow or the next day, for the man who works sluggishly does not fill his granary, nor the man who puts off his tasks" -Hesiod

It's a good thing I'm a woman not a man, right? Well I have not been able to work at the theatre all this week, but I still get to get paid, awsome, right? Well not really because I am hurt.  Well not hurt, but my wrist kills, I have a huge lump that my doctor is 98% sure is some kind of cyst.  I get to miss class on monday to go to the surgeon doctor guy to have him tell me what we are going to do. Probably, cut the damn thing out.  Which sucks because they will have to cut my wrist and I will not be able to move it very much and I won't be able to do much at work.  Or I could just skip the surgery and deal with the pain and have it grow.  This sucks.

On a better note I am not really worried about my Classics Exam because this one is on the Odyssey, The Iliad and some Hesiod.  Thanks to Mrs. Roari I should be fine.  I love the class though my teacher reminds me of Proffesor Trewlany from Harry Potter, she talks like she is scared and going to cry.  Murphy and I think she need to lay of the fricken coffee though.


Thats enough my hand are frozen!

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