Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,


It is late and I should be sleeping. I have midterms to study for and work, which working at the theatre has now begun to consume even more of my life.... it sucks that Justine and Adrienne are not there because I am now the only girl, but it's all right we just pick on bobby, he's short. I need to pay my school off, well first I need the money to do that. Then I am going to get my ears pierced again, I don't know how...but i will think

Things have been kind of crappy lately. I just want to go sit in a corner, drink coffee, and write the gosh darn papers I need to write, in less than a week.

The red wings traded Jason Williams, that also upsets my week, so much for being my second favorite Red Wing.....

I am so glad I get to draw in color this semester, no more drawing 1 and 2. Now if only i would do my daily drawings and not forget about them.

And then there is the whole being at the hospital for more than an hour, me, I have never even needed one stitch... I can't do this, this will be horrible. Since I'll be out, maybe the will update my shots for me.
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