Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,

Where does this time go...

Spring Break is almost over and I feel as if I have accomplished nothing. I still have a paper to write, tons of drafting to do, and some other crap. I mean I did see many movies, watch a whole season of QAF, and some other mindless things but I really was limited to what I could do. And I saw an Amzaing show with an awsome person because she got us awsome seats. Rent & Amanda that is.
Did I mention they took my stiches out too early, this is starting to get annoying. Damn doctors and their damn helping people! I looked at the statment they gave me and I remembered why I am going to school.... so I have insurance, one visit to that stupid specialist so they could mess up and take my stiches out early, 600 dollars. What a rip. I wish I were smart. Or werent so lazy, either way I am going to school for the wrong thing.
This weather is getting annoying.
Happy St.Patricks Day!!!!!!
At least I have only a month and a half or so of school left, and Into The Woods to look forward too.

This summer, no russia, hopefully working at the theatre and the flower shop, if our request for stuff at the theatre gets a go ahead. Still living at home? Probably, wait, Yes, do I want to, of course not. I want to feel free, not have to worry about calling, not have to worry about going home, not have to deal with junk. I guess I will have to wait a few more summers. At least I can get a banana cream flurry from dairy maid right?
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