Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,

Oh the Hilberry

I just got home from running the board at the Hilberry, Im exhausted, oh those grad students, crazy I tell you.
Well Into the woods is coming along even though we probably won't get the exact new board we wanted, whats wrong 96k? But we do have all are new bodypacks and everything. We start hanging and circuiting on MONDAY!! IM excited, even though there are still like 3 weeks untill tech, but with all the things we have to do, i think it will be here soon.

It's weird the other day I was talking to sara because she was going through theatre pictures to do something and she had the ole theatre handbook from high school and we were remanising(how the fuck do you spell that?) Going from high school theatre to college theatre is SO different, and I miss the old times. But I guess these times can be pretty good too. I just wish I would have been able to learn more in high school about theatre. Nothing could have prepared me for 5 hell weeks plus school work, work and life. But I am enjoying it.
Now that I have completly waisted time from homework and sleep i should get back.

Blue Man Group on Saturday, Im excited, though I don't think it will top New York.
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