Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,

I should be sleeping

it is like 1 and I have to be up at 7:30. I can't sleep, this is lame. I got sunburned pretty bad on sunday and I am still feeling it, even more lame. Man I hate work, who invented it? Well not really who invented it but I mean come on. I can't believe there are actually people out there who love to work. I could not even imagine wanting to work everyday. I am jealous.
Things have been ok. Kinda boring in a way but whatever, it beats being at school all day everyday. I dread going back but once I am there I don't mind it at all I like it and somedays I love it. I just hate gen ed classes. Why did I take 12 years of school before I came to college, just to take half of the same fuckin classes over again. I makes no sense to me.

Does anyone want to go in on group flowers for mr.zogas. I figured we could do an arrangment from some of the last students he taught at dear old fraser. Let me know asap. And if anyone else you know might want to.
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