Potato (mrsp0tat0head) wrote,


Went to cedar point yesterday and everything was fun untill we got back to the car and it had been broken into. The thing I feel worse about is the only thing that was really of vaule that was taken was sara's ipod. those sandusky bastards. supposedly the cop said this has been happening alot and basically the only thing that has been taken is ipods. And what does apple do about the hundreds of stolen ipods, (thats like one days worth) nothing. The fuckin bastards dont use the technology they have because the say the 110 million ipod database would be too large. Bastards. You can make the money off the stuff though. If the used the technology people would stop steeling the ipods as much because they would be caught, and their ipod would be useless. They could even charge people or put in their apple care program, they would then make money too. Lets see what they do. But guess what, supposedly apple just got a pattent on something like that. WOW they are geniuses i swear.
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