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Fuck Homework.

I I should be doing homework and sleeping, but I am not, tech week is kicking my butt, really it is taking away my motivation.
The Lusty and Comical History of Tom Jones and Hatful of Rain, two tech weeks in the same week? Impossible but it is happening.
And Black Nativity our musical and the dance concert are coming up up very fast. Final floor plans and costumes for Black were due two weeks ago and things are changing everyday, the director (an original choerographer for RENT) added 11 members to the cast without anyone knowing, so my sound board has the capability to hold 10mics, we have a 40 member cast...hmmmmmmm I suck at math but I am not seeing this working in a good way for me, the Awsome yamaha M7 digital counsole (look it up its awsome)we rented last year took us months of talking to get, this show opens mid december. BLLLLAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My wrist is killing me again, I will have to have surgery on it again, this blows, I have no time, and especially no time to not have a left hand.

I was going to put on a good note here but there really isn't anything.
I miss somethings, and some people.

It's funny how you can not talk to a someone in a long time, but yet something you do, say or see reminds you of them everyday. What does that mean? It happens to me all the time, I just have no time to call the people. I hate that, why can't it be like it used to be. I don't know, I go through this all the time and I hate it. I feel like everyone else has changed and I am still the same. I dont know why, am I really still the same?

I want to move out, move to Detroit, something different, so I dont have to keep looking at the same shit around my room, my town, I think thats what keeps me locked down, i'd still think about everyone though, its a loose loose situation.

Was it my fault, is it because we are different? Are we so diffeerent, thats what everyone else says, but do you really know me, what i think, what i actually feel, what about what i was thinking, what were you thinking, maybe if i said something, you said something, would right now be different, would last year have been different 3 years ago, would that have been then end, was i making up things. what happened to us?

So I do have a good note. Sweeney Todd, the musicalish, tim burtons verson comes out in December, im stoaked.

Fall is the worst, or is spring. I love winter.
I miss you

Its weird i was thinking about so many things and people in this entry i dont even know what i meant to say. i guess i just needed to vent again and i dont like to vent to people, who would listen.
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