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SO our musical is done for the year, and it is a huge stress off my back. The show went well as a whole, cept for a drummer not showing up here and a mic breaking there. Yes we went through 3 mics for this show and of all our damn mics to go, a brown and a black which left me with one black and 3 brown, and about 20 tan. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN A SHOW TITLED BLACK NATIVITY. yes there were about 8 white people and 20 black people, somehow the whole color of mics is not working out, well it all worked out in the end. Our kick ass new sound system compliments of Disney World is awsome, and although our daily warms ups were not to Tunak Tunak Tun, Souja Boy was pretty awsome, especially watching all the actors bwhaahah. Sound pisses me off though so I am ranting about it, I love it and hate it, there is not consistancy in live sound, it blows especially in a big city with lots of fruequencies in the air and an old builing thats power supply is not properly grounded and the lighting and sound power sources are the same, can you say horrible hunm in the system yeah it blows, some nights its good and others you want to shoot yourself or just go deaf, either way.

Sunday I have to drive down to wayne in the morning and the express ways were full of snow, it was basically make your own lane and try to stay in it and well have fun. Christmas is almost here, what the hell where did it come from, I do have about 3/4 of my shopping done but man what the hell.

On an awsome and fuinal note, my $750 dollar check from the dance/theatre departments arrived and I have money I like the fact that I can make about 3,000 a semester just by having fun in the theatre, well and working and not getting sleep and basically living there but hey it still beats retail and fast food, sometimes it doesnt even feel like im in school because I am actually learning stuff I want to learn, untill I have to go attend my gen ed classes, but ive got it figuered out, take huge lecture classes so you dont have to attend get an a in it and have fun! I know thats is a really bad technique, but it works doesnt it?
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Hey, what are you doing over break? we should go to dennys/coney or something :)