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So things are crazy the director finially came in from New York and she is sucking my life away from me. Every time we talk I feel my veins start to twinge. But sound will be awsome for it!!!!

Dance concert is all wound up. Been going to rehersals, I love the dancers. They are easrier to work with most of the time than actors. They actually can have a sense of humour. But man do they eat a whole lot. I wish.
Doing lighting for the show, my biggest design in my life, cept maybe the musical. Which next years musical will be even crazier.
And dance is just fun because it is different than theatre sometimes.

Got a ton of work I should be doing, tye dyed in costuming today.
College classes and I am tye dying...mind you there is some difficulty when it comes to fabric type and dye mixture, it can actaully become like chemistry, but I think our teacher just likes to have fun she bought 40 scarfs for a 10 person class to dye, plus we all had t shirts and crap. Fun.

I actaully been watching one tree hill this season, but it is pissing me of so much. Though they brought a character back that hasn't been on in a long time. It kinda made me sad. "No one ever stays in touch anymore" You would think with the technology today, phones, email, texting we could al just stay in touch. Kinda blows my mind. But lately things have been, like the orange moon. It blows my mind, and I appreciate that.
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